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100 words for kids book100 Words For Kids: Tools was written for my son, so I could easily teach him the names of the tools in my shop. My tiny boss has directed more of my projects since he was born than I have. He has received tons of my work, and I love every minute of it.

We have so many books that teach first words for kids, but we did not have anything that taught tool words. Being a woodworker, I wanted him to learn about tools. He is too young to help out in the shop, but he is at the perfect age for learning words. 100 Words for Kids: Tools, does just that.

My tiny boss loves this book. He really likes books in general, and has tons of them. But nothing compared to seeing him playing with the book I wrote for him. There are 100 tools, placed a few on a page, each with the name nearby. It is easy to go through, and the pictures are all tools from my shop.

100 Words For Kids: Tools can be a challenge for adults too, because not everyone knows the names of a hundred different tools.

I showed this book to a few adults, and they struggled on a few of the names. The tools in the book are common to all who use tools. However, there are also a few that are specific to woodworking.

Teaching my son has been a true pleasure in my life. Learning these tool names is just one of the many ways we learn together. It will be nice when he is older and I send him into the garage looking for something, that I know he will come back with the right tool. Most people don’t know the difference between the locking pliers and the channel locks. However, my son won’t be among them.

If you have any questions about 100 Words For Kids: Tools, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.

If you would like to purchase the book, it is available here: 100 Words For Kids: Tools

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