7 Advantages to a Wall Mounted Folding Workbench

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This is 7 Advantages to a Wall Mounted Folding Workbench, your guide to how this uniquely designed workbench can increase your shop space while still giving you a awesome place to make all of your projects. I’ll show you everything you need to know, enjoy.

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Folding Workbenches for Woodworkers

7-Advantages-to-a-Wall-Mounted-Folding-WorkbenchWhen most woodworkers think of their woodworking bench, a wall-mounted folding workbench is typically not the first thing that comes to mind. The first thing that people think of is far different.

Most woodworkers dream of a massive workbench that is made of the thickest hardwood and weighs hundreds of pounds. They dream of this gigantic rock that they can build their projects upon, and typically these benches are thousands of dollars.

Nobody thinks about the practicality of a massive bench like that until they get it into their shop and realize that they can’t get anything else into their shop. It’s at this point that they regret buying such a behemoth, and wish they made a different decision.

A workbench that mounts on the wall and folds up or down depending on what you need to do in the space is a brilliant idea, and something you should consider. Especially if you don’t have a lot of space to begin with, this can be a monumental decision.

There are many advantages to this type of a bench, and you should take a look at this design option for your shop. Not only will the bench help you create more floor space, it will also do a lot of other things that will make you a better woodworker. 

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Saves Space in the Shop

Another awesome advantage to a wall-mounted bench for your woodworking project is that it saves space in the shop. For most of us, woodworking is a hobby. This means it takes up a small space of our regular life.

Woodworking does require a certain amount of space, so this typically ends up being a garage or a basement. Since you’re still living a normal life, just moonlighting as a woodworker, it’s important to save as much space as you can.

Even if you end up using the space that you saved for other tools, it was still a win because you can get more tools in the same space. A wall-mounted bench gets out of the way any time you need it to, and that’s a huge win.

There may be a time that you need to get a larger project in and out of your shop, and having the bench be able to fold out of the way is a big help. You might also need to use the area to entertain, so again moving the bench is very convenient.

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Easy to Build Designs

When you get started, take a look at a number of different designs for a folding wall mounted bench and pick a couple that make you happy. Then, take a look at the design and make sure that it’s something that is easy for you to build.

It’s fun to fantasize about making the ultimate of any project. However, most of these ultimate projects and up dying in some phase of construction. This is because they eventually become overwhelming, and then you give up.

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Rather than fall for this tragedy and woodworking, commit to picking out a simple design that meets your needs and is easy to build. More of these projects end up being completed and any other, and you’ll be very glad to have your folding bench.

You can’t use it until you build it. That’s just a fact. Choose a simple design, and you will be using your bench before you know it.

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Low Materials Cost for Folding Benches

One of the hidden advantages to a folding workbench is that the materials cost is extremely low. With most traditional carpenters benches, just the species that is commonly used is very expensive, and the wood is thick.

After you get done buying all of the material that you need to use to make a traditional carpenters bench, you may not have any money left to buy the tools to cut and shape the wood. It’s like buying an expensive wallet and not having any money to put inside of it.

The wall-mounted bench solves this problem because you can make the entire thing for very low cost. The money savings is great because you can invest that difference in more tools, better tools, or more materials.

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Makes You Clean Every Time

One of the sneaky features in a wall-mounted benches that it makes you clean your bench off every time you leave the shop. Especially if you need to use that area for other things, you’ll have to close that bench every time you leave.

This can be really good for people they just don’t like to clean up after themselves. If this is you, creating a bench that folds out of the way means you’ll have to clean off the top of it before you it can be folded back up to the wall.

Not only will you clean the bench better, you will also use it in a much more organized way because you know you’re going to have to clean it later. This is a double win, because it makes you more efficient, and keeps your shop clean.

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Can Fit in a Tiny Space

Anytime you use the walls to incorporate some form of storage that used to have to use the floor to accomplish, you save space. Wall-mounted working surfaces fit in tiny spaces because they only take up a few inches off the wall.

Even in a room that sees a lot of use, you can have a rather large bench fold completely up against the wall and almost disappear. You really only have two thicknesses of material to deal with, and it’s completely off the floor.

If you already have a small working space, you are considering adding a woodworking bench or a craft bench to an existing area, this is the design for you. Not only can you add an excellent bench, but it will take up almost zero space.

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You Can Have Several Benches

A benefit that you may not be thinking of right now to this style of benches that you can have multiple benches in the same area. You can even have a different bench for different operations, or even assembly line construction.

Since the benches all fold up and out of the way, even something crazy like 10 benches in the same room will completely clear the floor when you fold them up. It’s almost like you’ll have 10 large picture frames on the wall when they’re folded.

This means if you like to spread out, don’t worry about it. Just add a second or third folding bench and you can easily fold out as much space as you need. Plus, if you make them at the same time, the construction process will be quicker.

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Can Convert into Wall Art

There are people that really do some creative things with their benches when they are stored away in the position against the wall. You can work the design of the bench into the decor of your room, and it will nearly disappear.

The most common thing to do with a folding bench is to put something on the bottom that makes it look like a piece of wall art. The upright leg can look like a picture frame, and the underside of the table looks like art.

Fold the bench up to the wall, and suddenly you have a beautiful picture and a nice wooden frame. It’s easy to look at, and people that don’t know it comes off the wall might just think you have a really cool picture hanging up there.

Another thing you can do is attach a mirror to the bottom of the table. When you fold it against the wall, it becomes a nicely framed mirror that looks great in any room.

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Your Action Assignment

Now that you know all of these amazing reasons to make a wall-mounted bench, it’s time to get out into the shop and take action. Start looking at designs for folding benches, and incorporate the ideas that you like.

Come up with a design that makes you happy, and then go through and scale back any of the things that might make it take forever to build. The goal is to have a awesome folding bench, not to have a half finished project on the floor.

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You will love your bench, and it will save you a ton of space. It will also be fun to work on, and you can build several of them if you need more room. Take a look around at some of the creative things that people are doing with these benches, and you’ll be very excited.

If you have any questions on making a wall-mounted bench, or any of the reasons that you should, please Post a Question in the Q&A Forum and I’ll be glad to help. Happy building.

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