7 Great Woodworking Tutorials

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Here are 7 great woodworking tutorials that I have put together for you in one easy to find place. These have all been featured on my site before, and have been very popular. I am sure that you will find something that you will enjoy making. Happy building!

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Easy String Art Heart

7 great woodworking tutorialsI will start with my most popular woodworking tutorial to date. The String Art Heart. This is a smaller version of some of the massive string art pieces that are out there, and a great introduction to making this kind of piece.

There is a secret to getting your nails all lined up really nicely that I reveal in the full tutorial, and it makes everything very easy.

I’ll give you a hint, you are not going to be pounding in all those nails. With a little prep work, you can have an extremely even, well spaced project, no matter the size. In fact, you can use the knowledge that you gain from this tutorial to make a gigantic piece right away. 

Pallet Wood Shelf Woodworking Tutorial

7 great woodworking tutorialsThis is another great woodworking tutorial that looks much harder than it is. All you really have to do is cut your boards to length, and glue a piece along the back to hold them together. This Pallet Wood Shelf looks great, and you can stain it any color you choose.

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Also, in this tutorial I teach you how to make a French Cleat, which is an extremely strong method of attaching things to a wall. The method serves two purposes, because it also holds the individual boards in place.

I am sure that after you see how well a French Cleat works that you will be using this method in many different areas of your woodworking.

DIY Established Sign

7 great woodworking tutorialsThis woodworking tutorial is for an easy to make Established Sign. These are incredibly popular, and they are super easy to make. They also make great gifts too.

This is one of my go-to projects when it comes time to give someone a gift. They are much more expensive than they should be when you buy one at a store, so there is a lot of value in an established sign as a gift.

This tutorial covers everything from choosing the wood to cutting the length, and routing the decorative trim around the edges.

Once you have it routed, a Silhouette or Cricut machine make a quick process out of creating the lettering. (My wife handles this part, she is far more creative than I am.)

 Easy DIY Growth Chart Ruler

7 great woodworking tutorialsThis easy woodworking tutorial covers making a large Growth Chart Ruler. 

I knew that I wanted to have a growth chart for my son, and even came close to buying one…until I saw that it was $50.

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For far less than that, and with a little help from my wife, I made a very nice looking growth chart ruler from a single board without any cutting.

This tutorial covers the entire process, and you can have a really nice growth chart that looks like an old fashioned school ruler. Once you have the ruler completed, all you do is hang it from the wall and you are done.

This is much nicer than using a door frame, because you can take it with you. My friend used a door frame, and when he moved, it stayed with the house. When I move, I am only six screws away from taking those memories with me.

Wine Ceremony Box

7 great woodworking tutorialsWhen I was married to my lovely wife, we did a wine ceremony. This is a popular event at a wedding, and a fun build. This Wine Ceremony Box woodworking tutorial is in four parts, and you can pick and choose what you like.

The box that is pictured in the tutorial is one that I made for a couple friends. It was an absolute pleasure to make, and even more of a pleasure to help them with their wedding.

If you want to make something really special for someone that you care about, this is the project for you. Even someone that is already married can do the same ceremony.

The Book Store is Now Open!   Happy Building!

It’s all about doing something nice for each other, and celebrating it in the future over a bottle of wine. What couple can say no to that? (We’re not big wine drinkers, so we did a bottle of Mead instead.)

Thumb Book Holder Woodworking Project

7 great woodworking tutorialsI’m a huge book reader, and this little guy has been a game changer. I read a lot, and I end up falling asleep because I have to hold the book a certain way to be comfortable.

This little Thumb Book Holder has changed that, because I can now hold my book open with one hand. I can even walk around and read if I want to.

The tutorial is easy to follow, and you can change the type of wood if you choose. I really like Figured Maple, so that’s what I went with for this tutorial. However, these look great in Rosewood, Cocobolo, or Mahogany too.

Heirloom Sanding Block Tutorial

7 great woodworking tutorialsLastly, how about making something that can benefit you as a woodworker? Every woodworker needs to have a Sanding Block. Not only does it help you sand more efficiently, but is also helps you sand more evenly.

The only recommendation that I have for this woodworking tutorial is to make the sanding block from something really great looking. This is not a project for a scrap of 2X4. This should be a conversation starter once you are done.

Pick out a really nice piece of exotic wood, and make this the best sanding block you have ever laid your hands on. This should be something that you entertain the idea of selling after you make it.

Also, actually use the thing after you build it. There will be a huge temptation to not use this sanding block, because it will look extremely nice. Don’t fall for it. You made one, you can make more. Use the block, and not only will your sanding be better, but you will also have a really nice conversation starter.

If you have any questions on 7 Great Woodworking Tutorials, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Also, please share my work. I know I ask this of you all the time, but it really makes a difference.

I want to tell the world about the amazing thing that is woodworking. However, I can’t do it alone. Share this article, and it may help other woodworkers too. Thank you, and happy building.

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