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A Woodworking Notebook: Your Personal Journey in Woodworking is a new notebook that you can use to record your woodworking projects and ideas. This is much better than lined paper for a lot of reasons, and it is sure to become a personal treasure.

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Keeping a Woodworking Notebook

a woodworking notebook cover bookOne of the best habits of any new woodworker is to keep a notebook. Ideas come all the time, and unless you capture them, they can be lost forever. A notebook is how you keep your best stuff from becoming a lost memory.

I have been recommending nicer lined paper notebooks for a long time, because that’s what I use. However, that’s also because there is no good alternative for a fair price on the market.

That changes now, because this is a purpose made woodworking notebook that is meant to be filled with all of your ideas, plans, project details, and important aspects of your personal journey through woodworking. It’s also only $8.95, so it’s actually less expensive than most standard notebooks without all the extras that this one has.

What’s Inside?

Inside the notebook are two main sections, and a couple smaller sections. They are all designed to help you record all the important information.

  • One Page of instructions on how to use your woodworking notebook.
  • A place to set up to Four Woodworking Goals.
  • A table of contents that You Fill Out for your individual projects.
  • Places to record the important data on 20 of your own projects.
  • Lined Paper for personal notes, ideas, and sketches.

The Projects Section

There is room for 20 projects inside your woodworking book, and each project is given six pages that are designed to capture all the important details. All you do is fill in the sections and you won’t miss anything.

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Inside each project, there are places to record:

  • The Date, Project Name, and Materials Used.
  • The Joinery Method, Finish, Total Time, and Beginning Notes.
  • A Detailed Cut List with Lots of Space so You Don’t Miss a Single Piece.
  • A Shopping List for Wood Materials, Hardware, and Finishing Supplies.

The Goals Section

Everyone needs goals. That’s how you pick out a heading and advance your craft towards something more. Your book has a section where you can set up to four woodworking goals, which is plenty to spread out over 20 projects.

You can use the goals to help you pick out the right projects. For example, if you want to be a better wood turner, then pick out lathe projects for your 20, and when you complete them, you will advance your craft.

The goals section can be used with the projects or without, and you can make several projects to advance you towards your goals. The point is to get you to write something down and really think about where you want to be as a woodworker in the future.

Your Personal Notes

The last part of the book is a section filled with lined paper. This is your personal notes section, and it is where you will record your most valuable information. The ideas you have are your biggest asset, and you need to save them.

You have ideas all the time, and if you don’t write them down, you will lose them. Not all of your ideas will be earth changing, and that’s ok.  You have to have a lot of ideas first before you can search through them later and pick out the good ones.

The more you write down your ideas, questions, thoughts, and other things about woodworking, the more material you have to draw from later on. You will be amazed at that you end up going back to that you won’t even remember you wrote down.

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Woodworking Notebook Wrap-Up

I have been recommending that you use a woodworking notebook for years, for a lot of great reasons. Not only will you get to record the important information about your projects, you will also lose a lot less of your best ideas.

Most notebooks are nothing but lined paper, and that’s fine if it’s all you have. However, you can pick up My Notebook for $8.95, and it’s so much more. My notebook is a purpose made woodworking notebook designed to help you become a better woodworker.

Also, over time, as you fill the notebook, it will become a record of your personal journey in woodworking. This is your book, and you get to write it. Happy building.

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