Acoustic Guitar Making For Beginners

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Acoustic guitar making for beginners can be a real challenge. Sure, there are great books and resources out there, but many times you need to understand woodworking and basic guitar making in order to use them. Other times, it seems like you need to buy a new tool for every step. Not only does this get expensive, it also gets old.

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Acoustic Guitar Making: How to Make Tools, Templates, and Jigs

acoustic guitar makingI went through the same thing when I made my first few guitars. It seemed like every step was a massive road block. I spent more time figuring out how to complete the step with the tools I had than I did working on the step.

I was able to use a smaller selection of tools after a while, which reduced my start up cost. This was a result of struggling, and researching how to do the different processes.

After having made many many more guitars, I decided to put all of these things into a book. This helps other beginning guitar makers get through their first couple builds. My book is called Acoustic Guitar Making: How to make Tools, Templates, and Jigs, and it does just that.

I designed my book to include all of the things that I was struggling with as a new builder. Then, I just kept adding new material as time went on. Before I knew it, I had over 500 pages worth of acoustic guitar making information for beginners. I really wish I had this book when I started. My first guitars would have looked much better.

My Book Will Teach You The Following:

  • Instructions for nearly 50 tools, templates and jigs. These will get you going on the tools that you need for acoustic guitar making, and not break your budget. You can make most of these from scraps too, making them nearly free.
  • Finishing instructions. All of my finishes are applied by hand, so you do not have to buy expensive spraying equipment. They all look great, and are easy enough for any beginner to apply.
  • A full section on acoustic guitar making theory. There are some mechanical things that are helpful to know in the beginning. These basic theory items will help you make better building decisions.
  • Step by step methods. These show you how to perform a certain aspect of acoustic guitar making that is many times glossed over by other books. Not having many tools in the beginning can make these processes a little more difficult without good directions, so these method sections really help out beginners.
  • Tips for easy inlay work. The inlay and the binding set a guitar apart from others on the shelves. Thankfully, I have easier ways to accomplish those tasks, and I explain them all in the book. You have the ability to do beautiful inlay, even in the beginning.
  • A huge glossary. With definitions of over 600 terms, it makes a great reference to have in the shop while you are building. Other references may assume you know a certain term, mine clarifies and explains the terms so that everyone can follow along.

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Acoustic Guitar Making: How to make Tools, Templates, and Jigs has a lot to offer the beginning acoustic guitar maker, and can save you lots of money. Even if you just make the cam clamps from the book, the savings will pay for it.

My fret bending jig is explained in great detail in the book. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars over a store bought slotting system. Also, it will be very accurate, made from scraps, and basically free.

This takes nearly all of the stress out of making a fretboard, and that’s just one of the jigs.

acoustic guitar makingI have been living the life of the cheap woodworker for a very long time. If there is a way to do something without buying another tool, I am all for it.

Also, I like sharing these things with other beginners, because many times the initial investment in acoustic guitar making pushes people away.

It is a sad thing, because some of them may have really enjoyed the craft if they were able to pursue it without taking out a second mortgage.

It’s hard enough learn something new, let alone having to spend thousands of dollars on learning something new. My book fixes that. I already struggled through the problems in the beginning so that you do not have to.

This will get you a huge jump start on your knowledge and tool set, and you will be far ahead of other beginners in just a short while.

Free Woodworking Tips Delivered Every Monday! Add Me to the List!

Take a look at Acoustic Guitar Making: How to make Tools, Templates, and Jigs

 on Amazon by following one of the links. You can read reviews, search inside the book, and see how much it can help you before you make a purchase.

 The book is gigantic, and I know that you will find at least one thing that made it worth your investment.

If you have any questions on Acoustic Guitar Making for Beginners, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Also, please share my work with your friends on Pinterest! Happy building.

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