Briar Wood


Briar wood is from the Heath tree, and it grows in the Mediterranean. This small shrubby bush grows very slowly, and develops a large burl root. This burl is the valuable part, and is sold to specialty wood stores. The most common use for Briar is tobacco pipe making. However, there are many more uses … Read More

Homemade Tools

homemade tools

There are many advantages to making homemade tools. First, they save money over the cost of store bought tools. Second, most of the time they are easy to make. Finally, making homemade tools helps increase your knowledge of the tools you have, and develop the thinking required to solve most woodworking problems. Any time a … Read More

Woodworking Library

woodworking library

Building a woodworking library is very important. There are easy ways to build your own personal reference library, and inexpensive ways too. I’ll show you everything you need to know, and you can become a much smarter woodworker. Enjoy. Woodworking has many different fields and disciplines. Essentially anyone making something from wood can be considered … Read More

Taking Good Pictures

taking good pictures

Taking good pictures of your woodworking projects is important. It creates a visual record of what you have done. It also gives you something to reference when you need to remember how something was made. A great set of pictures also allows you to build a portfolio of projects that may become useful. A well … Read More

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