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A complex laminated ring is made by gluing together several pieces of wood. The goal is to make something that looks very complex and interesting when the ring is made from the blank. You can do several things to form a complex lamination. The important part is that is causes people to wonder how you made it.

Making a Complex Lamination for a Ring

complex laminated ringCuriosity makes people notice your work. If you can make people stop and look, then you have a much higher chance at exposing them to your designs. You then have an even better chance of turning them into a customer.

For example, the ring on the left was made in a few steps. First, the ring body was laminated from Walnut with a few sheets of veneer in the middle. After it dried, the top was cut flat, and more wood was glue on. It was a couple more veneer sheets, and then a piece of Padauk. Once it was drilled and shaped into a ring, it almost looks like a large topper being held up by the thin veneer banding. The look is nice, and it took a complex lamination to make it happen.

Experiment and Make Unique Designs

complex laminated ringAnother example of a complex laminated ring can be seen here. This one was a little more simple. First, several sheets of thin wood were glued in an alternating pattern. Then, a pair of contrasting faces were glued to the core.

Once turned, the alternating segments in the middle create a nice look, and the lighter faces of the ring frame it all in.

Try out a few complex laminated ring ideas next time you are in the shop. Glue up some wood, and try seeing what happens when you turn them into a ring. The more interesting and creative you get with your lamination the better. Once it’s made into a ring, it can become a challenge to see how it was done.

My book, Wooden Rings: How To Make Wooden Rings By Hand

 shows several examples of a complex laminated ring, and has step by step instructions. There are examples of over fifty rings, and the directions are shown with very few tools. This way, even someone with a small tool selection can still make an excellent ring.

If you have any questions about my Complex Laminated Ring, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Also, please Subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything. Happy building.

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