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Danish Oil is a great wood finish, and can be applied by hand.  Since this is a wipe on finish, there is no need for any spray equipment.  Finishing with Danish Oil is done with a cloth, which is used to wipe the finish on the wood.  When dry, another coat or more can be added.

This is one of my most popular videos, and it details how to use Danish Oil to create a beautiful finish for almost any woodworking project. The optional steps of sanding and filling the grain are covered in this video, but they are not required.  Many wood finishers simply apply the oil and leave the open grain look.

Enjoy the video.  For more information about wood finishing, I created a PDF that helps make finishing easier called the 10 Step Guide to Wood Finishing.  This details the basic steps that are required for any good looking finish.

For another video on wood finishing, please take a look at my article on Tru-Oil, which shows how to use this great finish.  It’s called Finishing With Tru-Oil, and the video is also one of my most popular.

Finishing with Danish Oil is very easy, and after the video you should be able to apply Danish Oil with confidence.  Know that you will have an excellent looking finish, with a soft sheen.

My book, Acoustic Guitar Making: How to make Tools, Templates, and Jigs

 details several finishes that are excellent for guitars.  I also explain how to make over 50 tools, templates, and jigs that make the process easier.  With over 500 pages and 1600 images, it covers a ton of ground in an easy to digest manner.

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