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In this picture there are about 25 pieces of wood that were all taken from a cutoff bin at a hardwood store that I frequent.  There is a nice big sign on the bin that says ” 10 cents,” which means I bought this entire pile of wood for about $2.50.

cheap hardwood

Now I won’t be making a desk or a dining table out of these, but they can be used to make any number of smaller projects.

Look around at the local hardwood store, especially in that store offers milling services, because they will usually have an offcuts bin that sells what falls on the floor for cheap.  This is a good place to find woods that are normally too expensive for full boards.

Scrap bins are also good for finding pieces of wood to play around with and see how well it works or finishes before buying full size pieces or building a project from the species.

Woodworkers that make smaller projects like rings, bracelets, napkin rings, pens, and more can really benefit from the extremely low cost of this kind of wood.

More woodworking tips can be found here in my 50 Woodworking Tips article.

How have you found creative ways to get wood inexpensively?  Tell me by leaving a comment.


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