Guest Posting for Woodworkers

I am looking for new woodworking writers to guest post on Westfarthing Woodworks. This can be a great opportunity to help build your audience, get quality links to your site, and drive traffic to both of our platforms.

You may also be able to become a regular contributor if your posts resonate well with the group.

This opportunity is open to new writers that are directing traffic back to their own sites, and looking to develop their own presence in the world of online woodworking education. 

We can discuss details over email if you are interested, and of course the content must be in line with what the readers of this site are interested in seeing. 

If this sounds like you, we might be able to benefit from working together.

Email me at and we can start a conversation. Happy building.

If you need some help starting a blog of your own, or learning to write about your hobby, take I have a lot of great resources on Lets Make a Blog.


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