Guitar Making Tip No. 7

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Guitar Making Tip No. 7 is about the time that it takes to make a guitar. While there are a lot of ways to schedule, plan and estimate the time it will take, the following method is easily the best and most productive way of working it out.

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Don’t Worry About How Much Time it Takes

guitar making tip number 7That’s right. Don’t worry about how much time it will take to make your first guitar. Don’t worry about the second and third either for that matter.

The more you plan, the more you will feel like you are getting behind.

To be quite honest, you have absolutely no idea who long it’s going to take you to make a guitar, and that’s completely fine. It’s your first build, so how could you possibly know?

Mistakes happen on a first of anything, and there are a lot of steps to get right in making a guitar, so opportunities for failure are abundant.

Don’t add a schedule to the mix and make the process even more frustrating. Any time you put a deadline on something, you inherently increase the stress associated with that task. That part is bad enough, but the real danger in watching the timeline is this…

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Don’t Turn a Passion Into a Deadline

Making a guitar is supposed to be a fun experience. Why are you in a rush to the end? Also, who picks a hobby that they don’t like? This guitar is a passion project, and when you tie it to a schedule, you risk it turning into a job.

Once guitar making is a job, and you have deadlines, expectations, and approvals involved, you suck the passion right out of it. Making your first guitar should exist on it’s own timeline that is created as you make the instrument.

The only thing you should schedule is time in the shop. Schedule yourself as much time as you can get, and be productive when you are out there. Focus on the task at hand, and before you know it you will be playing a handmade guitar. Small wins are The Secret to Guitar Making.

The Reason I Don’t Take Special Orders Anymore

When I first started making guitars, I sold what I made. I also made what I liked. Later on, when I started taking custom orders, I made what other people liked, and I ended up not liking it myself. Guitar making turned into a job, not a passion.

I wasn’t making what made me happy, I was making what made other people happy.

As soon as I could smell the problem I switched back to making what I liked, and selling what I made. The people that like my guitars buy them, and I get to make what I enjoy making. It’s a win for everyone.

Don’t set deadlines and cause guitar making to become a job. It should forever be a passion, even if you are making and selling instruments. If you make something beautiful, people will want it. Focus on what you enjoy and the results will come.

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