How Can I Better Serve You?

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How can I better serve you? I have been posting all kids of great woodworking, wood finishing, and guitar making articles, and I would really like to hear from you. Am I helping you with your woodworking projects?

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Am I providing the type of information that you really need? Help me out by sending me an email, and it will help me deliver the types of articles that are important to you.

How Can I Help?

how can I better serve youI cover lots of topics on my site. They range from guitar making and ring making, to toy making and tool making.

I cover finishing, woodworking tips, and full tutorials.

If there is something about a topic that you need more clarification about, please let me know. I am more than happy to write an article about the topic and clear up anything that you need help with.

Sometimes something that seems clear to me, may not be clear to you. That’s ok. It may be as simple as me sending you an email. However, it may also be that I get the same question from several people, and that means I am not explaining it as well as I should.

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In a case like this, I can edit a post, or write another article showing the missing information in a way that is more clear. It will help everyone, because I want to explain things as thoroughly as I can so you can be successful with your project.

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Sharing With New Woodworkers

how can I better serve youIn general I try to describe each tutorial for a beginning woodworker. I don’t assume that you know absolutely nothing about woodworking, but I also know that you are here for a reason.

Advanced woodworkers are not spending a ton of time on my site unless they are learning something new. The seasoned pros already know most of the things that I am teaching. That’s the point.

I chose to work with beginners because there is so much more magic that happens. Beginners are excited about things. They have breakthroughs more often, and the wins are much more rapid. It’s really fun to be a part of.

how can I better serve youThe reason I am asking how can I better serve you is because I want Westfarthing Woodworks to be a great destination on the internet. I want new woodworkers to enjoy coming here, and I want to help them win at woodworking.

If you share with me what you need help with, or what I can do better, you are going to help thousands and thousands of woodworkers just like yourself.

The knowledge that we will all share will lift everyone, and make this a very popular place for new woodworkers to get information. It will also help ensure that the information is as clear as possible for everyone.

Free Woodworking Tips Delivered Every Monday! Add Me to the List!

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Small Projects that are Fun to Use

how can I better serve youThe majority of my woodworking revolves around small projects. Instruments, wooden rings, wooden toys, and randoms. I like smaller projects, because they are quicker to complete.

If you have a smaller project that you would like to see on the site, please let me know. If it’s something that I have experience with, I may post it as a tutorial.

Most of my random projects are a result of seeing something that I like online. As I browse the internet, or social media, sometimes a project hits me and I just have to build it. This was the case with the established signs, and the growth chart ruler that I made. Both of those tutorials are some of my most popular.

how can I better serve youThe whole reason that I started this website is to share my love of woodworking with as many people as possible.

Woodworking has changed my life, and has given me the ability to make almost anything I want.

The Book Store is Now Open!   Happy Building!

I showcase the projects that are important to me, and the things that I have made and enjoyed as a woodworker. It has always been my hope that you like some of those same things as well.

If you share with me some of the things that you are interested in knowing how to make, I can better serve you. I can provide the articles that are interesting to you, and help you become a better woodworker.

Nothing will teach you more about woodworking than making something you like. The fact that you like it will keep you going. It will keep you learning new things. If I can help you in your woodworking journey, please let me know.

If you have any questions about How Can I Better Serve You, please leave a comment or write me an email. Also, please share my work with your friends. It helps me share my love of woodworking with more people. Happy building.

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