How to Use Different Shapes in Your Wooden Rings

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This is how to use different shapes in your wooden rings. Rings do not all have to be round, and you can expand your design options by simply incorporating more shapes. The nice thing is your process doesn’t have to really change much if you are making rings by hand.

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Making Wooden Rings in Different Shapes

how-to-use-different-shapes-in-your-wooden-rings-ring-making-tipsMost wooden rings are round. This is because most traditional rings are round too I imagine, and it is just the most common shape. That doesn’t mean you can’t make rings in other shapes too.

In fact, when you look at the most interesting designer rings, they are made into shapes other than round a lot of times. This is part of the design, and it’s also an effort to make the rings stand out.

In a field of round rings, making some different shapes can really draw people to your rings over other rings. Here are a couple easy ways to make this happen, and what it can do for your wooden ring designs…

Try Different Wooden Ring Shapes

Working with different shapes is as easy as just trying them. Why can’t you make a square ring just as easily as a round ring? It will fit in between the fingers about the same, and you can make the shape really easily.

Another option is a tall flat ring, which is easy too. The bottom is the same as a round ring, but the top projects upwards more. This also give you a nice big area where you can showcase an interesting type of wood.

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A hammered look is also interesting, and you can do this with a file. Simply rough out the ring to the round shape, and then file a bunch of flat areas. This is completely free form, and makes a really interesting pattern.

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The Initial Process is the Same

When you are making rings by hand, you are doing all the shaping by hand. If you are making laminated wood rings, the process for making a square ring is about the same as the process for making a round ring.

In the first few steps, you laminate the wood and drill the hole. Then you cut out your rings and start shaping them. This is the same process for a shape that is different than round, and the only time it changes is when you make the actual shape.

Once you have your blank, you either make it into a round ring, or cut it into a different shape. Once you have the shape, you sand and finish as normal. With this kind if ease, you can get other shapes into your ring design options really easily.

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Look Online for Inspiration

I wrote a post about 11 Ways to Find Woodworking Inspiration, and it can help you identify great ways to find your own motivation as a ring maker. This is how you can find new shapes for your rings too.

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While most ring makes don’t make a ton of shapes other than round, you can do a quick search on Pinterest or Instagram and find some rings to look at. When you look around enough, you will see different shapes.

If one of these shapes speaks to you, then try it in your shop. If you like it, then you can start making it a normal part of your building process. You might even make it a standard for your rings if you sell them.

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Multiplying Your Design Options

The more options you have, the more designs you can make. This is true for everything about making wooden rings, including the shape. If you are capable of making more than one shape, you are multiplying your design options.

For example, if you can make ten different kinds of rings, and you learn three shapes, you can now make thirty different kinds of rings. It’s that fast, and you literally multiply your abilities by trying something out in the shop.

Working like this, you can increase the number and the look of the different rings that you offer, and you can stand out among your competition. Even if you are not selling rings you are in competition with what other people see. Stay ahead of them, and your personal designs will stand out.

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Your Homework

Your homework is to try another shape. Just try it. Even a simple square shape is a good start, and an easy start too. Don’t burden yourself with something too complex. If you are on the fence about shapes, the complex will burn you out.

Instead, find a shape that is easy, and that you actually like. Work on that shape the next time you are making a wooden ring. Even better, just pick up one of your laminated blanks that you have around and cut a new shape from it.

Now, you can try making a different ring shape without having to go through the entire process of laminating a piece of wood. You might also like it better, because it will showcase one of your existing designs in a new shape.

How to Use Different Shapes in Your Wooden Rings Wrap-Up

Wooden rings are fun to make, and they are really popular. They come in a lot of shapes, but most people tend to stick with round for their entire lives. Don’t do that. Try a different shape and see if you like it.

There are so many more ring shapes than just round. You owe the world a little better than round, and you can try it out easily just by experimenting. Pick out a simple shape, and try that instead of a round ring.

You might end up finding that you really like making shapes other than round. You may also find that your ring sales go up as you now can offer more to the people looking at your designs than a simple round ring that everyone else can make.

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