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Nothing will ever sound as sweet as the guitar that you make yourself with your own two hands. Even if the guitar is never used as an example of ultimate craftsmanship, you made it, and you will love it. Here is why.

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That Guitar is YOURS

Nothing will ever sound as sweet as the guitar you make yourselfYou put in the effort, and you made that guitar. No instrument that you ever buy will feel the same way as the one you make. You will also understand that instrument more than any other.

For those reasons and more, you will love playing your handmade guitar.

I remember twanging on the low E string for a long time when I first strung up my guitar.

I loved the fact that the thing I made could produce sound, and I sat there like an idiot just plucking that one string over and over again.

It was such an exciting moment, because I had created an instrument and it actually made sound. I don’t think I put the rest of the strings on for about 10-20 minutes after I strung the low E.

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I just kept on playing and enjoying the sound. If you are a guitar player, and you do some woodworking already, then you really owe it to yourself to make a guitar.

No guitar you own will ever sound as sweet as the guitar that you made yourself. It’s an incredible experience, and you will never sell that first guitar. There are other benefits to making a guitar and playing guitar, and they can help you in a number of creative ways…

The More You Understand the Better You Play

Making a guitar can actually help you become a better player, because you will know and understand more about how your instrument works.

It will allow you to make adjustments to the guitars you have, contour their tone in a way that makes you sound better, and ensure that you are getting the best that you can possibly get from your instrument.

Building a guitar won’t make you play faster or cleaner. It will however show you how to get the most tone and volume from the guitars that you do play.

Just knowing that can help you stand out among other guitar players. There is also something else that is a pleasure to talk about when you make your own guitar.

Sharing Your Experience

People that see your guitar will naturally have questions. When you tell them that you made the guitar yourself, people are typically very interested in hearing all about it.

Free Woodworking Tips Delivered Every Monday! Add Me to the List!

This gives you an opportunity to share your craft, and tell others about the joys of making an instrument that you can play in the end.

People love to talk about guitars when you make them. They will ask you tons of questions, and they will be very interested in your work.

It’s a great feeling to be regarded as a person who can do something that most people cannot. It’s rare to meet a guitar maker, so people tend to ask a lot of questions.

One thing you can do if you want to share your experience is to let them play your guitar. It’s not the same as making the instrument themselves and playing it, but it’s a start.

Let them play, and if they have questions about how to get into guitar making you can help them out too.

Save Your Firsts

I have my first of just about everything I have ever made. I have my first electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic guitar, tobacco pipe, pen, wooden ring, and many more projects.

The Book Store is Now Open!   Happy Building!

Nothing you can buy will ever be better in your eyes than something you made. When you hold onto your firsts, you get to keep that feeling.

My first guitar is not a model of the craft by any means. It’s pretty bad by my current standards, but it’s mine and I am very proud to have made it.

It still sounds good to me, because I know the pain that I went through and the development that had to happen to me as a woodworker to earn it.

Part of the experience is the earning. You will have spent a large amount of time on your guitar. You will also ave learned a lot just to be able to complete it.

Whenever you go through an experience like that, you tend to value the product of all those efforts. I promise, if you make a guitar, you will love it.

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