Making Wooden Rings

making wooden rings

Making wooden rings has become a big business. Lots of people desire a wooden ring, and they are all over the internet for everyone to see. I believe that wooden rings attract people because they are old fashioned, traditional, and have more life than metal rings. These ideals appeal to people, and for a woodworker, … Read More

Woodworking Tip Of The Week

keeping a woodworking notebook

This woodworking tip of the week is all about keeping a notebook. This is something that few woodworkers do, but it should be a standard practice. Woodworking and wood finishing are highly driven by ideas. Having a place to store them and collect important discoveries for reference is very important. A woodworking notebook does several … Read More

Briar Wood


Briar wood is from the Heath tree, and it grows in the Mediterranean. This small shrubby bush grows very slowly, and develops a large burl root. This burl is the valuable part, and is sold to specialty wood stores. The most common use for Briar is tobacco pipe making. However, there are many more uses … Read More

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