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Mik asked 4 months ago

I applied approximately 15 thin coats of Tru Oil on my acoustic guitar, which I have left alone for about 1 week since the last application.

I have read to leave it alone for anywhere from 1 week to 1 month.

At what point should I begin the buffing/waxing process? Some articles do not mention buffing or waxing and others do.

I want as shiny a finish as possible with Tru Oil. What do you recommend?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 4 months ago

Thanks for the post. I recommend leaving the guitar for a coupe weeks or more just to be sure that the layer is cured. With 15 layers, you may have to wait longer.

If you start buffing the finish too soon, you will get it all gummy and it will just fall apart on you, which is definitely not the goal.

I don’t buff my Tru-Oil finishes. Instead I do a little trick in the end that leaves a super glossy top layer.

After you completely cure out, steel wool the guitar lightly to remove any nibs or rough patches. The guitar should be very smooth after you are done. Use 0000 steel wool.

Then, wipe all of the residue off the guitar.

Finally, wipe on a final excruciatingly thin layer of Tru Oil over the entire instrument, and let it cure for a few days.

This should be the thinnest layer of finish you ever applied. You should focus on getting the surface wet, and then that’s it.

Other than a color difference from being coated, there should be no evidence that you applied more finish.

This final layer will cling to the rest of the layers, restore the sheen, and give you a really glossy final look without any buffing or extra effort.

Happy building.

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