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Mark Elliok asked 8 months ago

I have spray paint I like to use, would I have to use a sanding sealer and then sand and spray it?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 8 months ago

For electric bass bodies, once you have selected your paint, it’s a good idea to sand the body really well, and then seal and fill any open pores.

Paint is designed to completely cover the surface, so any pores and dings will look bad on the final finish. Fill all of these, and sand the body well.

If your paint requires a sealer, you can use it. Sealers are good at preventing the wood from soaking up a ton of product, but most of the time on painted bodies you will not need it.

Coat your bass body with several light, even layers of paint. Allow the coats to dry really well in between, and continue coating until your color is solid. At that point, you can stop because you can’t do any better than solid color.

From there, apply a compatible lacquer, again applying several thin coats until you build up a nice layer.

Allow the guitar body to cure for several days to a week for most lacquer, and you are ready to install hardware.

Happy building.

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