Can this back plate be saved?

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Stuart asked 2 months ago

I made my cauls and glued the back plate, then turned to the soundboard. Life intervened and time went by and the humidity changed in my shop.

Even though most of the time I stored the back plate resting in the cauls with several pounds of steel weights, the back plate developed an arc in the wrong direction.

I am thinking of increasing the humdity (even wrapping it in damp towels and putting it in front of my shop heater clamped in the cauls), but even it works and restores the proper curve, I am concerned that it is setting the guitar up for long-term failure.

What do you think?

1 Answers
Westfarthing Woodworks answered 2 months ago

If you bring the piece indoors, you might be able to save it. Most houses have the same relative humidity because of the central air conditioning unit. Leave it clamped to a board for a week or two and then see what it looks like.

Happy building.

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