Can You Make Your Own Guitar Making Tools?

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Brian asked 9 months ago

Since tools cost a lot, can you make your own tools and jigs for guitar making instead of buying them all from a supplier?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 9 months ago

Yes, you can definitely make your own tools and jigs for guitar making. In fact, they are easier than the guitar itself.

If you are thinking about getting into making guitars, and you are already into woodworking, you should thing about making the tools and jigs first.

Not only are they fun woodworking projects, but they will arm you with the jigs and tools you will need to make your guitar when the time comes.

That will make the experience much easier, and you will run into a lot less problems along the way. The easier build will help your momentum, and you will finish a lot better than without.

Your odds of finishing will also improve. When you have an easier time, you tend to finish things. If the build is miserable because you are stopping all the time to make jigs, it can be easy to quit.

Instead of that, start making the tools and jigs that you need for your guitar, and save them for when you build the actual guitar. Your experience will be a lot better for it, and you are definitely qualified to make them instead of buy them.

Happy building.

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