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Brian asked 9 months ago

Do wooden rings have to be round or can you make them in other shapes?

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Brian answered 8 months ago

Yes, wooden rings can be made in a number of different shapes other than round. If you look at some designer rings, you notice that most of the time the shape isn’t even close to being round.

It’s important to design something that still comfortable to fit on the finger, but other than that, you can have quite a good time with the shape.

There are a lot of examples of rings that are flat across the top. This can create an open field where you can even do fine detail work like inlays.

You can make rings that are pointed, rings that are squared, and a lot of other shapes as well. They’re not as traditional as a round ring, sometimes the shapes can be really appealing.

Next time you’re thinking about trying something different and interesting for one of your wooden rings, try a simple flat top ring, where the bottom half of the ring is the traditional shape but the top half is squared off.

This is one of the easiest ways to see if you like a different style, and if you do, there are many more to try.

Happy building.

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