Do Carbon Fiber Rods Fight Against the Truss Rod?

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Westfarthing Woodworks asked 6 months ago

Doesn’t the use of carbon fiber rods actually “fight” against the truss rod and cause it to have to overwork in making adjustments?

The truss rod is supposed to keep the neck straight while allowing adjustments.

The carbon rods keep the neck stiffer and cause the truss rod to have to work harder to overcome the non-adjustable carbon rods.


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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 6 months ago

Thank you Bob. When you add carbon fiber rods to the neck, you do create a stiffer neck, and it does have an effect on the truss rod, but in a slightly different way.

Since the carbon fiber holds the neck in the same shape, it moves out of shape far less under string tension. This means you need less from your truss rod.

The deflection is less under string tension, so you need to correct less with your rod. I’m sure it needs to pull harder to fight the carbon fiber, but it has to cover less distance with that pull.

Happy building.

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