Do I Need a Clearcoat Over Stain on Furniture?

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Brian asked 7 months ago

If I am staining a piece of furniture, do I absolutely have to use a clear coat over the stain? If so, what is the best clear to use for a beginner?

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Brian answered 6 months ago

It’s best to use a clear coat over stain for a few different reasons.

The first is that the color of stain you chose is only truly visible after you apply clear coat.

Second, a good clear coat protects your furniture from the wear and tear of daily use.

Applying a clear coat is not any more difficult than applying stain in the first place. You can wipe it on just the same, or you can spray it from rattle cans.

Select a nice furniture grade lacquer, and spend a couple extra dollars on a brand that is meant for fine wood finishing.

Once you use a product like this, you’ll be very happy you did.

I recommend a Mohawk products, because their lacquers are incredible.

Happy building.

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