Does Tru-Oil Have a Natural Look?

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Westfarthing Woodworks asked 9 months ago

 I’m after a minimalist, natural look that shows the grain and figure of the wood as close to unfinished as possible without discoloring too much.

Gloss is not required but OK . How likely will I be happy with Tru Oil and would you recommend another finish?


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Brian answered 9 months ago

True oil is a very natural looking finish that only adds a little bit of a warm yellow glow after many coats. However, even this look is desirable because it warms up the overall look of your peace.

This is a close to the wood finish that does build up a layer, but again you have to make quite a bit of an effort to apply enough coats for it to not look natural.

By the time you get into that neighborhood, you would be totally exhausted by applying coat  after coat after coat.

Pick up a bottle and give it a test on the type of wood that you are working with on your main project. Sand it down the same way that you would prepare your project, and apply three very thin layers separated by about four hours.

Once you’re done, take a look and see if you like the way that the scrap has turned out. If you do, then you can proceed on the rest of your project with Tru-Oil. 

Happy building.

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