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Brian asked 9 months ago

What are some easy finishes for guitars that a beginner can learn quickly, and that have a low rate of failure for new guitar makers?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 9 months ago

Finishing the guitar does not have to be a huge task. In fact, you can make it as big or as small as you want it to be.

For beginners, I recommend a finish that you do not have to worry about. You read that right. The biggest obstacle to this will be your own stress level, so pick a finish that is easy.

The easiest finishes are wipe on, hand applied finishes that you can put on with a clean cloth. These are inexpensive, easy to apply, forgiving, and they also look really good.

My favorite finish for guitars has always been Tru-Oil, which is an oil that acts like a varnish, and sets up on the surface in a film. This means you get the beauty of an oil to enrich the wood, and the the protection of a film.

That’s a double win, and it’s also super easy to apply.

Another good finish is wiping varnish. This is a varnish with a lot of thinner in the mixture, which makes it able to be wiped on the guitar with a cloth. All you do is dip and wipe, and you’re done.

There is a bit more to finishing than just picking the product though. You need to practice. Pick out your product, and practice on some scraps first.

Once you are confident in your application, you can move on to the guitar with a lot less worry about the outcome.

Happy building.

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