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Woodygirl asked 5 months ago

How do I set depth stop

1 Answers
Westfarthing Woodworks answered 5 months ago

Thanks for the question. You don’t need to set a depth stop. All you need to do is saw about half way through the board. After you add a radius, you can use the normal depth stop for the fret saw (the one that you screw to the faces of the saw) and saw the slot back to depth.

Just count the strokes to get you half way through the board, and do that for all the slots.

If you want to make a depth stop still, just build up your saw slot / guide height on the jig so that when the spine of your saw touches the guide, the depth is correct.

However, remember that you will always have to use the same thickness of template fretboard and fretboard blank going forward, otherwise the depth stop will be wrong.

It’s much easier just to count the strokes and when you get to half way through, repeat the process for the other frets.

Either way you go, you will love the jig, and it will save you a lot of money and time.

Happy building.

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