How to Drill Holes by Hand for String Art?

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Westfarthing Woodworks asked 2 months ago

Hello, I want to thank you for the instructions on how to do string art. I am looking at doing 3 projects for Xmas and I am trying to figure out what size of nails I will need and how far apart do you put your nails?

I don’t have the drill press but I do have a drill can I just use it to drill the holes if so how do I know how far to drill them in? Would it look good if I just nail them in instead?

I just need someone who knows about string art to give me their opinion as what would be best for me to use and do to make my projects look their best.

Also is there a special hammer that is best to use?

Thank you again.


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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 2 months ago

Thank you Larice. You can use any nails you like as long as they have at least a little bit of a head on the top where the string will not slip off the shaft of the nail. You can use your hand drill, just be careful to keep it straight up and down.

Also, you don’t need to worry too much about spacing, just get the nails tight enough to outline your project nicely, maybe around 1/4″ and you can play with a wider or tighter spacing. As long as you can make a nice design, you are doing the right thing.

Finally, you don’t need anything fancy to set the nails. Put some tape on your drill bit so you drill the holes the same depth every time, and then tap the nails into position using any hammer you own.

Happy building.

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