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Tony Pavlik asked 6 months ago

Just have a question about my forstner bits wanting to wander.

I tried to sharpen them after watching a video off you tube thought I had it, because they weren’t getting hot and or smoking.

It’s like when they start to turn they move to the left, like they don’t want to bite in to the wood?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 6 months ago

I think you may have sharpened one part of the bit better than the other. Since Forstner bits have a two blade system, and cut from the edge, you almost have to count your strokes as you sharpen to make sure you stay even.

If you have high end bits, try to sharpen the weaker side again. This will require a little trial and error, unless you can see which side looks like it received more work. That should even out the tracking and help the bit go straight again.

If you have middle of the road or inexpensive Forstner bits, it might be worth your time and safety/frustration to just buy a new bit. I have always used basic Forstner bits, and when they go dull (which still takes a long time) I toss them because they are only a few dollars each.

Happy building.

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