Prepping the Metal Insert for a Wooden Ring

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Westfarthing Woodworks asked 9 months ago

You mention that you turn the metal ring blank flat on your lathe with carbide tools.

Are you using your wood lathe to do this?

Are you using your wood carbide lathe tools?

If so, what kind of chuck are you using to hold the metal ring blank?


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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 9 months ago

Thank you for the question Jordan. I bought a very inexpensive wood lathe from a discount tool store a long time ago, and that’s the only lathe I use.

It’s a mid size lathe, and I bought a chuck from Pen State. They sell tools and materials for pen makers and wood turners. They had a chuck deal that came with bowl jaws and pin jaws.

I use the pin jaws to hold the ring from the inside while I turn the outside flat with a homemade carbide lathe tool. The chuck is a basic bowl chuck, with four jaws.

You can find these from the supplier I mentioned for a reasonable price.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

Happy building

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