Sanding the Body on a Mahogany Tele Kit?

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Westfarthing Woodworks asked 9 months ago

So happy to have found this site! Thank you!

I have a solid mahogany body for a Tele- kit. Do I only need to sand it a bit more before putting on the 1st coat of the Tru-Oil?

Thank you again!


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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 9 months ago

Thanks Larry. If you have an unfinished body, then all you need to do is prepare it for a finish like any other project.

Do a nice sanding, address and defects or divots, and get it nice and smooth. After that, you are ready to apply Tru-Oil.

Apply very thin coats, give them ample time to dry, and you will have an easy time finishing your guitar.

Post again if you need mroe help.

Happy building.

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