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Brian asked 5 months ago

Is there a really good strategy to saving money on woodworking books you can share?

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Brian answered 5 months ago

One of the best ways to save money on woodworking books to constantly be looking for them. Make it a habit to frequent discount and used bookstores.

When you do, also make it a habit to go into their clearance sections and find out what they have. Many times, you can find woodworking books for as little as a dollar or $.50 each.

When you do, even if the topic is a little bit more obscure, or something that may not be dealing with right now, it’s worth buying that book. You may need it in the future, and with such a low price tag, it’s definitely worth the investment.

While you’re at these bookstores, buy as many of the clearance woodworking books as you can afford. If this means 20 or 30 books just go ahead and get them.

You’ll be so happy as you build your woodworking library, and have your own personal reference for any time you have questions about the craft.

You’ll also be glad that you didn’t spend a ton of money by purchasing all of these books brand new. It’s worth a little bit of legwork, and it is such a good deal.

I love buying woodworking books on a deal, so if anybody else knows a good way of finding them, please feel free to share.

Happy building.

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