String Art String?

Brian asked 6 months ago

Where do you get the string for making string art? Is it anything special or can I use what I have?

1 Answers
Brian answered 6 months ago

You can use any kind of string that you have for making string art. However, you can do a little better if you get something special.

If you have a lot of different colored pieces of thin string laying around, you can absolutely use them successfully.

There is no special string that has to be used in order to call itself string art string.

That being said, look for something that looks nice, and that you can use creatively in your designs.

It’s important to make your string art look good, and if you use a piece of old dirty wash line, you might not be doing your work the best service.

If you look in a craft store where they sell string to make bracelets, you can find a lot of cool stuff to use. You can also find a lot of different colors, which is a bonus.

Happy building.

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