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Toni asked 4 months ago

What’s the best way to do word string art?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 4 months ago

Thank you. Words are a little trickier than shapes, but you can still do them well as string art.

The best method is to envision the letters as block or bubble letters, and then put your pins in the corners of the letters.

It’s also easier to think of letters that are not made from thin lines but rather fatter lines that you can get more nails around.

When you do that, you can easily think of where to place your nails so you can outline them.

You can even fill them in by using a lot of nails on the border and jumping across the body of the letter many times with your string.

Test your ideas on a scrap of wood or even sytrofoam. This will let you try out some ideas without committing to a final design until you know that the process will work for you.

Happy building.

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