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Steve Moore asked 3 months ago

Does Tru-Oil come in a black tint? I am making a headboard for the master bedroom using hickory wood.

It’s actually engineered laminate flooring that I’m using the backside so I can get the finish that I want.

I am wanting to enhance the knots and the grain and want it to pop.

Please advise and give any steps needed to accomplish the look.

Thank you!

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 3 months ago

Tru Oil does not come in any kind of a tint, but you can add one yourself using artists pigments.

Depending on where you are starting, finishes by themselves will accent the look of your piece and bring out the details.

You might like the look of Tru-Oil all by itself on that piece once you get a layer applied.

I recommend using a test board and seeing how you can make your look pop with the oil, and then maybe even consider doing a light stain leaving more product around the areas you want to accent before clear coating.

Happy building.

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