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Rachel asked 5 months ago

Help! I’m in a high rise apartment with no outdoor space.

I did this staining method in the bathtub and the tub is now awfully stained.

I should have anticipated that but it just never crossed my mind.

Do you have any tricks to remove this terrible mistake?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 4 months ago

Wow, I’ve never ran into that problem before. I have no idea how to rescue you from that mistake.

The mixture you made is a chemical process that alters wood and apparently bathtubs pretty much permanently. If you do find a solution please post it, but I have a feeling that other than some sanding process (which may not be good for your tub) you are going to be stuck with the stains.

At least you’ll have a fun story to tell for a long time. So many people never take chances and try things. In the end it’s a tub, and nobody got hurt.

You did well.

Happy building.

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