What Drill Size for a Wooden Ring?

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Brian asked 5 months ago

I get asked about translating common drill sizes to ring sizes all the time.

So, what size drill do you need for your wooden ring based on your ring size?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 5 months ago

I have a really nice drill chart that shows drill equivalents for common ring sizes. You can use it to make a hole that perfectly matches the size of the ring you need to make.

If you only have drills that are close to the size, use the closest size smaller than the hole you need, and sand it wider by hand or on the lathe.

Never drill the hole larger if your drill bits are not exact matches for the ring sizing chart, because you can’t put wood back after you remove it.

To see the chart, take a look at Sizing A Wooden Ring

Happy building.

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