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Brian asked 7 months ago

Of all the different finishing products that I can use, which one is going to be the easiest to apply?

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Brian answered 6 months ago

Of all of the different types of wood finish in this world, the easiest ones to apply are those that are applied by hand with a rag.

With a rag actually means with a clean white cloth, preferably cotton, like an undershirt or a T-shirt.

Some of the best are Tru-Oil, and Arm-R-Seal, which is a wiping varnish.

Both of these go on by applying very thin coats by hand, and all you need to do is keep wiping the surface until it looks like its barely damp with finish.

Wait until the amount of time that the manufacturer recommends has passed, and then coat the project again.

After between three and five coats, you should have a very nice looking finish that has a professional look even though it was extremely easy to do.

I have a free PDF that you can download called the 10 Step Guide to Wood Finishing, and it will show you even more detail about hand applied finishes.

Spraying has only been a recent discovery when it comes to the history of wood finishing. In many ways, hand finishes look quite a bit better, even though they may take a little bit longer to apply.

The benefit to you is that you don’t have to buy any expensive equipment in order to apply a world-class finish. You can get a very similar look, and in many cases a better look with just a clean cotton cloth.

I also have a post on How to Finish Wood with Tru-Oil, and that will give you step-by-step instructions.

Happy building.

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