What is a Forstner Bit?

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Brian asked 6 months ago

What is a Fostner Bit and why are these important to have as a woodworker?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 6 months ago

A Forstner bit is a special kind of drill that is used to make larger holes in wood. It works differently than a standard drill bit, and for many reasons it is more accurate than a twist drill.

Your main need for Forstner Bits will be making large holes. It’s rare and expensive to find drill bits larger than a 1/2″ diameter. In contrast, Forstner Bits go up into the inches commonly and affordably.

Since they are super accurate, and they make clean holes with nice straight sides, they are a popular choice for fine woodworkers. They are also not super expensive if you buy the right ones.

For more about Forstner Bits, take a look at The Ultimate Guide to Using Forstner Bits

Happy building.

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