What is a Woodworking Jig?

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Brian asked 3 months ago

The definition of jig or woodworking jig is a common question for beginners.

So, What is a Woodworking Jig?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 2 months ago

Generally speaking, a jig is something that you make or create to assist you in performing a step or process in woodworking.

They make the thing you have to do easier, more accurate, repeatable, and they also give the step a higher chance of success.There is no limit to the number of jigs you can make to help in the shop.

As you build things, you will naturally see ways to improve the process by making jigs and using them.

Finally, there is no strict set of jigs you need to know how to make to be a woodworker. You will naturally stumble upon helpful jigs as you practice woodworking.

For more about jigs, take a look at Woodworking Tips Cards – Making Jigs

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