What is the best dust mask for woodworking?

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Westfarthing Woodworks asked 5 months ago

What’s the very best dust mask for woodworking and why is it the best? What am I looking for?

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Brian answered 5 months ago

The best dust mask for woodworking is one that you’ll actually wear. Beyond that, look for something that’s going to protect you against the different particles in the air that occur when you work.

All dust masks will tell you what they are capable of protecting you from, so pick one that has those capabilities and get it into your shop.

Once you do that, make sure that it’s comfortable. If you have to go through a few different types of dust masks in order to find the one that you like, it’s definitely worth it.

In the end, if you are wearing something that is uncomfortable, makes you sweat too much, or that you really don’t want to wear, you’ll eventually not wear it as often as you should.

In a case like this, you are getting no protection when you don’t wear it, which makes comfort one of the most important features. I promise.

Happy building.

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