What is Two Part Epoxy?

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Brian asked 5 months ago

What exactly is two part epoxy, and why does it get used all the time in woodworking?

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Brian answered 5 months ago

Two part epoxy is a adhesive that is made from two different chemicals that react together and harden.

This process takes about 24 hours in most cases, and it can create a bond between two pieces of material that is incredibly strong.

You can buy two part epoxy in small tubes, or you can by larger amounts. It all depends on what you are making, and how much you need.

This can also be used as an inlay adhesive, it can be tinted, and it can be polished too. 

If you really want to simplify things, use wood glue for your wood to wood joints, and then use two part epoxy for everything else.

It will make your shop life  a lot easier, and it will also narrow your choices when it comes to buying adhesives for the shop.

Not everything needs a purpose bought adhesive, no matter what the ads tell you.

Happy building.

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