What is Wiping Varnish?

Brian asked 7 months ago

This is a common question, and in reality wiping varnish isn’t very different from regular varnish.

What’s the big difference, and why does it matter t you as a woodworker?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 7 months ago

Wiping varnish is just regular varnish with a lot more thinner in the mixture than normal. This makes the varnish take longer to dry.

Why is it good to take longer to dry?

It’s good to have a longer drying time for a couple reasons. First, the longer wet period allows the layer to fully settle and flatten out by itself. This means a smoother and more even looking finish.

Second, the product can be applied with a cloth instead of a brush, which means a better application, thinner coat, and less marks from the application process.

All of this culminates into a finish that looks close to the wood, provides surface layer protection, and is easy to apply.

Wiping varnish is a great first finish to learn as a new woodworker, and it will make you look like a professional right out of the gate.

For more reasons wiping varnish is awesome, take a look at 14 Easy Tips for Using Wiping Varnish

Happy building.

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