What Kinds of Wood are Rings Made From?

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Brian asked 9 months ago

Wooden rings all look different from each other, but is there a specific kind of wood that you have to use to make wooden rings?

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 9 months ago

Wooden rings can be made from any kind of wood that you choose. As long as it’s wood, it qualifies to be called a wooden ring.

However, there are some types of wood that are better suited to making wooden rings than others. These offer more durability, beauty, and strength, which are desirable features in a ring.

In general, most types of wood fit that description. Softer and lighter pieces of wood (based on weight and actual feel while holding the piece) tend to not be as strong.

If you look at the Central American and African woods, you will find a lot of variety, color, and beauty. These are among the most beautiful species in the world, and you can find then in a hardwood store or online.

I wrote a post about 25 Beautiful Types of Wood for Making Wooden Rings, and that’s a good start with a nice list. If you are new to ring making, you will really enjoy seeing all the different types of wood.

Since rings are so small, if you wonder about whether a certain type of wood makes a good ring, just make it. It’s a small price for the experiment, and you will gain more experience.

Another thing you can do is google the phrase “X ring” where X is the species of wood you are wondering about. For example, if you are thinking about mahogany, search “mahogany ring” and see what comes back.

If you see a lot of rings, and they look good, then odds are you are going to be just fine to make a ring out of the same material.

Happy building.

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