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Brian asked 7 months ago

What tools do you need to start making wooden rings at the beginner level, assuming that I have no tools at all at the moment?

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Brian answered 6 months ago

Thankfully, you don’t need very many tools to make wooden rings, even as a total beginner. I have a few posts about ring making that a link to below, and my wooden ring making book is also a very good resource at showing the process with the minimum amount of tools.

In general, you only need to be able to make a hole, cut off the excess, and then sand and file the ring to shape. This can be as simple as a corded drill, a single paddle bit, a small handsaw, and then files and sandpaper.

If you were to source everything from a discount tool store, you could probably get away for about $40 or $50 depending on the price of the drill. All of the other tools and materials will be a few dollars each.

Here are a few good posts on ring making that can help you learn a little bit more about the process and the tools that are involved:

Happy building.

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