What’s the best way to keep wood from warping?

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Westfarthing Woodworks asked 7 months ago

Are there some good ways to keep pieces of wood from warping?

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Brian answered 6 months ago

The easiest way to keep wood from warping is to apply a nice film finish that protects the wood and also protects against the seasonal changes that can happen as wood takes in and lets out moisture.

If you’re talking about storing wood, then store it flat, and in piles that keep the boards nice and flat all the time. Also, guard against any radical changes in temperature or humidity in the storage area.

Wood likes to change shape when it gets too wet or gets too dry. Wood likes to remain in balance with our local humidity, so pay attention to humidity and temperature and you can keep your wood from warping pretty easily.

Finally, make sure that when you buy wood it is fully seasoned and acclimated to your local area.

If you start out with good pieces, the odds of them warping go down significantly versus starting out with wet pieces.

Happy building.

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