Where can I learn some basic hand tool woodworking techniques?

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Westfarthing Woodworks asked 8 months ago

Is there a free place to learn basic hand tool techniques? Something a little better than a book?

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Brian answered 8 months ago

For learning hand tool techniques, and learning other things where it’s important to see the full range of motion, sometimes a book has a difficult time conveying the topic to a beginner.

Instead of a book, where the pictures are static, I recommend going on YouTube and looking at videos about the tools that you’re interested in learning more about.

YouTube is a tremendous resource for free instruction, and there are millions of videos around any subject that you could possibly imagine. You’ll definitely find helpful information, and you’ll be able to see your hand tools in action.

Watch a few different videos, and when you find someone that you like, follow their channel so that way you see the newest videos as they release them.

You can end up forming quite a relationship with someone on YouTube, simply because you enjoy the way that they teach, and they help you become a better woodworker.

This is all free of course, which makes it even better.

Happy building.

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