Where Do You Buy Woodworking Plans?

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Brian asked 7 months ago

Where are some good places to get woodworking plans from?

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Brian answered 6 months ago

One of the best places to buy woodworking plans is online. There are a number of different sellers that have plans, and one of the best is Amazon.

It’s no secret around this website that I use Amazon for just about everything. Not only are they one of the least expensive, but you get to shop from several different merchants and pick exactly what you want.

With Amazon prime, you get things delivered almost immediately, and that’s nice too.

Do an Amazon search for the type of woodworking plans that you’re looking for, and take a look at the results. You’ll be happy to notice that there are a lot of good examples, and you can just pick what you want.

Another place to look for plans is your local woodworking store. Many times, they will have files or large areas where plans are stored.

Spend some time going through them, and pick out some of the plans that you want to make. After that, take them home and make sure to do this one special thing with them…

Actually make the projects. Don’t be a plan hoarder. Lots of folks like to buy plans, but unfortunately they don’t make nearly as many projects. The fun is in the building, not in the planning.

Happy building.

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