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Joseph Williamson asked 5 months ago

Is the final carnauba wax finish durable enough for some small wood whiskey “glasses” I made? I have coated the inside surfaces with epoxy resin for waterproofing, but I’m concerned about the durability the carnuba wax finsl buffing. I forsee these small whiskey mugs to be handled a lot, and subjected to washing.

Thanks for your advice.

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Westfarthing Woodworks answered 5 months ago

Thank you for the question. Whiskey contains alcohol, no kidding right, so it is going to be rough on nearly any kind of finish. I have seen some mugs made with a resin coating inside, and I presume they were for beer, which also has alcohol, though not as much.

You can try coating the entire glass with resin, sanding it smooth, and then buffing everything with just the Tripoli and White Diamond.

The epoxy will get very glossy and that might be all you need.

If you don’t want the resin on the outside of the cup, then skip the wax, because the alcohol will just eat through it. You are going to need some kind of coating on the outside for washing, or you could just rinse out the inside and hand dry/dust the outside.

Wooden drink-ware needs more care and a much softer touch than normal. Also, make sure your epoxy is strong enough to live through the whiskey. If it starts dissolving the finish into your drink, you might be too buzzed to know you are eating it, and that can be bad.

Happy building.

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