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Lately I have been working on a couple growth chart rulers. These are great for young families. Many times, parents use a door jamb or wall to mark their children’s heights on their birthdays. The problem with using part of the house, is that it can be hard to take with you when you move.

growth chart rulerMaking a growth chart ruler is pretty easy. There are also several ways to accomplish the build depending on what you are comfortable with. If you like masking and painting (how I did it) you can do that. If you like cutting vinyl stickers and applying them, you can do that too.

This is a narrower version of the ruler, which can be useful in a tight space like on a corner wall near a door. I typically make mine around 11″ wide, which allows more room to mark. A skinny ruler still works though, and it can be a great space saver.

The best thing this project is that you can take it with you. This ruler attaches to the wall with L brackets. When you move, just remove the ruler, and fill a couple holes. I will be posting detailed instructions for this ruler in a week or two, so check back for details.

I work on a lot of different projects, and I place updates in the Site News category for things that are coming up. Many times I complete a project and then just publish the tutorial on how to make it. However, there are other times where I am really excited to share what I have going on and I can’t resist writing  post.

Take a look at the Site News area at the top of the page when you come to the website. If there is something new going on, I will be sure to let everyone know.

If you have any questions about what I have going on in my shop right now, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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