My Son’s Favorite Toy Car

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Here is a picture of my son’s favorite toy car. I made it for him while working on a wooden tools for kids book. He loves this toy, and pushes it all around the carpet making engine sounds.

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My Son’s Favorite Toy Car

my sons favorite toy car

I can’t bring myself to tell him that it’s not really a car, but what does a 19 month old kid know about hand planes anyway?

All I care about as a father is that my son is enjoying the toy I made for him. My son’s favorite car may not really be a car, but as long as I see that smile, I really don’t care. That’s the beauty of making wooden toys for kids. You may be surprised at the response, but it’s always memorable.

my sons favorite toy carThis wooden toy hand plane that ended up being my son’s favorite toy car is just one of the over twenty wooden toys that I explain in my new book. I make this hand plane in the same way that the Krenov style hand planes are built.

In fact, if you were to drill for a dowel, and fit an iron, this little hand plane would work just like any other in the shop. The bed angles are the same, and there is even relief for the shavings to escape. The wedge is fitted like any other handmade plane, and perfectly slides into the opening. With only a few small changes, this little toy could be used to true up boards and level wood for a project.

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my sons favorite toy carWhen I make things for my tiny boss, I really like to put everything I have into them. Wooden toys encourage children to use their imaginations and learn more. My son’s favorite toy car is no exception to that.

He saw what I made him and immediately began using it as a car. He has other cars, and they are similar in shape and size. It was natural for him to imagine that it was another car, and begin playing with it the same way.

I put my heart and soul into these wooden tool toys that I made for him. The set is beautiful, and he loves playing with every one. When I decided to take all of my photographs and turn them into a book, it made me so proud to have the opportunity to share some of the amazing moments that I have had with my son with other people. Making something for a child, especially your child, is an amazing experience.

If you ever want to feel appreciated beyond measure, make something for a kid. The amount of joy and gratitude that you will see and feel is hard to put into words. Anyone who makes a set like this, or even a small set that they pick and choose from the book will surely create many long lasting memories.

Of the twenty plus tools in his set, my son still uses most of them as either cars or hammers. That’s fine. I know he’s happy, and it all was because I made him something from the heart.

I will never be a wealthy man, but when I die and my children go through my safe deposit box, the wooden toys I made for them as kids is what they will find inside. Those are the true treasures of my life; the memories that they have created for my family and me. For that, I can never be richer.

My Book Shows How To Make the Exact Same Set I Made For My Son

wooden tools for kidsWooden Tools For Kids

is a great way to start making toys for your children and grandchildren. Anyone with some woodworking experience and some shop tools can begin making heirloom toys right away.

There are step by step instructions for over twenty tools, plus a farm style tool box to hold them all. There is also a finishing chapter that deals with how to protect your wooden tool toys and enhance their look.

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I never really thought that making a set of toys for my son would have such a huge impact on me. Having been a woodworker for a long time, I knew that I wanted to introduce him to the craft early on. However, I still had some time to wait before he could come into the shop.

Making a set of wooden tool toys was the perfect compromise, because I could start teaching him about tools while he played. We have a great time together playing with his toys, and an even better time making memories that will last me the rest of my life.

If you have never made something for a kid, you really should try it. Whether you make the toy tool set from my book, or make something else, it’s a great experience. I hope you give it a try.

If you have any questions on My Son’s Favorite Toy Car, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Also, please share my work with your friends on Pinterest! Happy Building!

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