String Art Kits for Adults

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This is String Art Kits for Adults, which you can use to make great looking and in may cases complex string art projects easily. This is a great way to get into making string art before you start making it yourself in your shop. Enjoy.

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String Art Kits Online

String-Art-Kits-for-AdultsIf you have been thinking about making string art in your shop, but you don’t know if you will like it, or you still have some questions, a kit is the perfect answer. With a kit, you get all of the experience of making the project, and everything is provided for you.

These kits are for adults, and the level of detail is a lot more than in a basic string art project. They will give you more experience, and a much better look into the string art world. From that point, you can decide to start making more of these or making your own in your shop.

The following kits are all fun, and will give you some real experience. Once you understand the process, making the same thing at home will be a snap. Plus, you can make any pattern you like when you make yours at home, so you are not limited by what you can find online.

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Sun Flower String Art Kit

The sunflower string art kit is a really fun kit. In the end you will have a great looking flower with multiple colors, and a layered look that makes the flower look realistic. For an adult kit, this is a great start.

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One of the nice things about these string art kits is that they have multiple colors. The different colors of string prime you to incorporate that into your own designs at home. Don’t be stuck on using one color of string unless you are doing so intentionally.

Sun and Moon String Art Kit

The Sun and Moon adult string art kit is a little bit of a step up from the first kit, and that’s because not only are there multiple colors, but there is also a pattern for winding the string that gives the moon a certain look.

This is not any more difficult once you follow the directions and see the pattern, so don’t let that stop you. This is a really great looking kit, and you can have a nice looking piece of string art in your home that you will be proud of.

On top of that, working with patterns of string laying will help you prepare for making these in your shop. Not only is this project about color and shape, it’s also about how you wind the string. 

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Swirling Coffee String Art Kit

This is a great pattern for a coffee shop or for the kitchen. The Swirling Coffee string art kit is a great looking project, and you end up with something fun too. The coffee looks like it’s moving, and the whole thing just seems more difficult than it really is.

You can make similar designs to this when you start making your own. Look for pictures and designs that have movement to them, and use your string and thread to simulate that movement. 

It’s all about experimenting, and working on your craft. The more you work with, and the more you push your comfort zone, the better you will become.

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Tree String Art Kit

This is a pattern that goes back to basics as far as string colors and design layout. However, it does incorporate one big change that you might not notice right away. This is not a typical string art pattern.

This is a reverse or negative pattern. That means the picture is not covered in string, but everything else around it is, and that’s the point of the design.

This is yet another way that you can practice some design work that you can then incorporate into your own designs in your shop.

Even More Kits on Amazon

All of these kits that I mentioned are available on Amazon. Just click on the picture and it will take you directly to the kit. There are many more just like them, and they are all great looking.

The kits give you the start that you need to decide if you really want to invest in the tools you will need to create string art yourself. Even though they are not terribly expensive, you will still spend more than by getting a kit and trying that out first.

Once you are hooked, which I know you will be, then it’s time to start making your own patterns. The process is really easy, and you will not be limited by what you see available online.

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Your Action Assignment

Now that you see what’s available, pick a kit and order it. Pick out any one that you like, and when it comes, absorb the skills and techniques in the process. Learn from the kit, and it will help you make your own.

After you make your first kit, see how it went and decide if you are going to make a second. There is nothing wrong with making several kits before going on to making your own string art patterns. 

The more experience you have under your belt the better. If that means making ten kits before venturing out on your own, then so be it. Do what it takes to be successful, and you will be happy you did. 

If you have any questions, please Post a Question in the Q&A Forum and I’ll be glad to help. Happy building.

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